1- How long does it take to reach my destination?
Due to the diversity of cities across the country, all destinations whose destinations are less than 800 kilometers from Tehran, reach the final receiver from the time they arrive at the Tehran hub within 24 hours. If the distance is between 800 till 1200 km, the receiver will receive the maximum within 48 hours. For the purposes of Bandar Abbas and Sirjan, this time is between 48 till 72 hours.
2-How can I know my shipment status?
By entering the 14-digit number of the bill of lading in the "Tracking Code" section, you will be informed of the latest status of your shipment.
3-What is two-way path?
If a shipment from any city is sent to another city other than Tehran, this good is considered to be a transit or two-way path. These types of supplies are first processed in the Tehran hub and sent to the final destination. It should be noted that if the city of origin and destination are in a same transit line, the goods will be delivered to the city of destination in one-way path without transportation to Tehran.
4-How much is the minimum shipping fee?
The minimum shipping fee in 1397 for the landing of shipments from 0 to 2 kilograms is 13.000 RR.
5-Are my supplies insured?
All deliveries received from you are subject to the stated value of the goods and the claim of the owner of the goods under the insurance of Asia.
6-What is the working hours of kalaresanan Chapar Company and how many hours does it accept the order?
The working hours of kalaresanan Chapar Company are from 9:00 to 17:00 on Saturdays till Wednesdays and from 9:00 to 14:00 on Thursdays. The maximum time for delivery of goods on Saturdays to Wednesdays is at most until 14:00 and on Thursdays until 11:00. If the goods were not collected at this time, the sender in Tehran could deliver his goods to the headquarters and in the city, to the nearest office in the same city.
7-Does the kalaresanan Chapar Company also accept the delivery of goods in bulk to the warehouse and, if accepted, how much will the delivery time be to the customer?
Due to the fact that this type of carriage is in the category of carriage orders, these orders will be delivered for all purposes in Iran in less than 48 hours.
8-What are the costs of carriers of kalaresanan Chapar Company and how much will they be charged if they charge a number and weight more than the shipping costs table?
The basis for calculation of tariffs is based on the weight of the shipments. Also, the kalaresanan Chapar Company will be able to provide solutions tailored to your needs based on the number and type of delivered shipments.
9-What kind of goods will not be shipped by the kalaresanan Chapar Company, and how will the special goods be shipped?
Shipments that are not distributed by the kalaresanan Chapar Company include: shipments without custom declaration certificate, shipments without food & health license and dangerous goods. Please contact to our customer service department for more information in this case.
10-How is the insurance policy of the kalaresanan Chapar Company calculated?
The minimum insurance up to the value of 1.500.000 RR is 3.000 RR and the insurance amount for other deliverables is the dividend value of 500.
11-Which towns are covered by the kalaresanan Chapar Company?
Currently, 84 cities are directly covered by the distribution network of the kalaresanan Chapar Company.
12-How can we become a kalaresanan Chapar company’s agent in our city?
The large family of kalaresanan Chapar is always welcome to new members. Please contact the Department of Deputies for more information about these terms.
13-Does the kalaresanan Chapar company pack the shipments?
The kalaresanan Chapar Company has provided a variety of packaging solutions. Packaging by box, Shirring with thick nylon for valuable supplies and Plump shipments. Package of breakable and impact-resistant goods with a variety of bubble nylon and inflatable air cushions. And the use of moisture-proof bubble packets, the supply of wooden packaging for heavy mail and air conveyances will be of great value.
14-I have an online shopping; how can I work with kalaresanan Chapar Company?
Please contact our colleagues in the e-commerce section for more information.
15-Why is the Express Service Fee more?
Due to its high delivery speed and its different service, it has a higher tariff.
16-What is the delivery time for the Express service?
The delivery time of goods shipped by this service varies from 24 to 48 hours depending on the destination.
17-Does the kalaresanan Chapar Company have an Intercity Dedicated Fleet?
Kalaresanan Chapar Company has its dedicated fleet all aver Iran that can be tracked. The fleet consists of 42 modern vehicles that will deliver your supplies without harm to your intended destinations. All cars, including trucks and pickup trucks, are equipped with GPS devices and the company can track all your vehicles at any moment.