Logistics warehouses can be considered as one of the basic needs of any business enterprise. management of a warehouse has various complexities such as initial financial costs, human resources, etc. in which any new stores cannot effort it.
The purpose of establishment and creation of logistics department in CHAPAR Company is to supply, maintain and make the goods accessible to customers.
The CHAPAR offers following services:
-24 Hr security guard and camera
-Issuing the insurance policy for all parcels
-Online management of warehouse inventory
-Packaging and delivery service
-Cash on delivery service

Packaging is the most important stage in the process of shipping. A Suitable package ensures the protection and health of the goods against impact, vibration, pressure, heat, etc. Packaging team of CHAPAR by knowing the latest packing standards and having a Shrink machine is ready to offer a variety of packaging services.

Packing & Warehousing